Cash Out in San Francisco, California

This loan was a 1031 exchange to acquire ownership of an investment property. The property used as collateral is located in beautiful Presidio Heights, San Francisco The borrower's conventional lender canceled on him with only a few weeks to close. Rubicon stepped in and took first deed of trust on this beautiful San Francisco home and gave him the funds needed in less than 10 days.

Loan Amount: $3,000,000

LTV: 35%

Business acquisition in Lodi, California

The borrower came to Rubicon after struggling to find conventional financing. Buyer was in a pinch and needed to close quickly, and Rubicon was able to execute when other lenders fell short. Borrower also had the opportunity to take additional cash out for tenant improvements.

Loan Amount: $400,000

LTC: 60%


Rubicon was able to provide a loan to help refinance existing debt. This loan was secured by first position deed of trust and a 2 year term. Loan Amount: $550,000 and an LTV of under 50%


Rubicon was able to help the borrower secure financing to acquire a property in Brentwood. The loan was for a repeat borrower, which helped expedite Rubicon's ability to close quickly. Loan Amount: $550,000

85 e 18th street.JPG

Cash out in Fremont, California secured by a 1st position deed of trust. The referring bank was able to help their client using Rubicon Mortgage Fund as a solution. Rubicon was able to fund within a week!


Rubicon was able to provide quick financing on this luxury condominium in Truckee, California. This investment property is secured by a 1st deed of trust

7413 larkspur.JPG

Bridge loan in Piedmont, California. Rubicon as able to help secure financing for the borrower and allow them to purchase the Piedmont property while working to sell their existing San Francisco home. The loan was secured by two first deeds of trust and had a combined loan to value of 60%.


Rubicon was able to help a borrower complete a 1031 exchange by executing a 6 day close! The loan was secured by 24 separate commercial units and the loan to cost was 56%.


3 days from close of escrow, Rubicon was contacted and we were able to provide a seamless transaction and close on time for the borrower. A short 6 month term for the borrower was just right to allow them to to make the acquisition.


Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC was able to help the borrower with a loan to secure a restaurant acquisition as well as to help them refinance a commercial retail center.

Rubicon secured this loan with a 60% loan to value and a 1 year term.


Our clients were able to make use of a bridge loan to secure financing to buy a new house in San Jose, California. Rubicon was able to secure financing for this deal at only 50% loan to value secured by a first deed of trust on both properties.

764 mt rushmore.JPG

One of the most common loans Rubicon is able to provide to their clients is a bridge loan. With Rubicons help, our client was able to secure a 6 month loan to complete their bridge loan, secured by a first position deed of trust on both properties.